Daanfold is an initiative of Urdu Daan that aims to teach Urdu with its Script, to those who seek to learn the language fully. It is also aimed at budding poets, to educate them about prosody or Ilm-e-Arooz (or Behr, as it is commonly called). We have monthly classes, which you can inquire about, on our Instagram page –
Daanfold Urdu Course

• First 5 days: Identification of Urdu alphabets and their writing practice.

• Next 5 days: Joining of alphabets and formation of words using vowels in Urdu.

• Next 5 days: Learn how to read and write sentences.

• Last 5 days: Practice

Daanfold Behr Course

Day 1: Introduction – Few points on the history of Urdu Language and its Prosody

Day 2: Different structures, forms and Genre in Urdu Poetry

Day 3: Behr/Metre – What is a metre, Discussion on some metres, scantion of (identifying) metres in Ghazals

Day 4: Poetics, Conventional methods of Urdu Ghazal

Two days break: homework – scantion of some given classical and modern Ghazals, and practice writing a couplet/Ghazal on the same

Day 5: Wrap up – discussions on the given homework and Q/A session.